Frequently Asked Questions at Justus Motors

Why are your prices so much lower than other dealers?

  • Here at Justus Motors we have a much lower overhead than most dealers.
  • Justus Motors sells some of our vehicles at dealer auctions. That means when a dealer buys from us and pays us a profit they will still go ahead and add their markup. We do not need to add any additional cost to the vehicle when you purchase it from us. Justus Motors is able to pass the savings on to you.

Do you offer free Vehicle History Reports?

  • Yes! We obtain a Carfax™ history report on all vehicles before we buy them. We do not sell Branded Title vehicles.

Will I get more than one set of keys for the vehicle I purchase?

  • We guarantee one set of keys for the vehicle you purchase. We do on occasion receive a 2nd set of keys. In the event we do receive another set we will contact you to set up a time to pick them up.

What Taxes and Fees are customers responsible for?

  • All Fees and Taxes are in accordance with Colorado State and individual City and County laws where you reside.
  • We do not have a Dealer and Handling fee. The advertised price you see is what you pay + State/City/County Fees and Taxes.

Can you offer warranties on your vehicles?

  • We at Justus Motors do offer 3rd party Service Contracts on our vehicles. Any certified service center can work with our service contract. That means you can still go to the mechanic you trust and have used forever. We want our customer to feel comfortable with their mechanic instead of only having to use a certain service center.

What do we do if our vehicle has some sort of mechanical breakdown after we purchase the vehicle?

  • If you purchased the vehicle from Justus Motors AS-IS, we offer no additional warranty. We ask our customers to please understand that when a vehicle is bought AS-IS, it means simply that it is AS-IS and we cannot offer anything further on that vehicle. If at the time of purchase, you have bought a Service Contract, please refer to that information and contact your mechanic and the Service Contract company.
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